Series “R” Panel

Panel Profiles

The CMP “R” is a 36” coverage, exposed fastener panel that features bold 1-1/4″ high ribs on 12″ centers. Between the high ribs are two rows of low planks or “mesas”, added for structural strength and visual appeal. Include the optional purlin bearing flange and install the “R” panel directly over open framing (PBR Panel). The Series “R” is for roofs and wall systems alike, as well as modern interior wall systems and other unique applications.

Note:  Oil canning is an inherent aspect within metal roofing, and not a cause for rejection.  See “Oil Canning Statement” under the Reference Files tab for more information.

About CMP_Metal

CMP, Inc. has been in business manufacturing metal roofing systems since 1994. We have expanded our business by supplying quality roof systems to our customers and have many successful commercial and industrial metal roof systems in both Carolinas.


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