Series 2500/2500-Curved

Panel Profiles

Series 2500

The Series 2500 “considered the stalwart of metal roof panels” maintains a profile with more than fifty years of history in the field. The 2500’s 2” high side seams include factory applied sealant and are mechanically locked to provide the ultimate watertight seal while creating a monolithic joint that will stand the test of time. The 2500 can be installed over solid substrates or structural framing and can accommodate roof slopes as low as ½” per foot when using the double-locked seam profile.

Click Here – S-2500 panel Spec Sheet

Series 2500-C

The Series 2500-“C” is a curved standing seam metal roof panel designed for barrel vault roofs and other arching design elements. The 2500-C can be curved in the factory to radiuses tight as 16’-4″ and field curved to a 200’ radius. Otherwise this standing seam roof panel is same as the Series 2500 and is available in several steel or aluminum gauges and in a wide variety of colors.

Note:  Oil canning is an inherent aspect within metal roofing, and not a cause for rejection.  See “Oil Canning Statement” under the Reference Files tab for more information.


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