Pre-notched Metal Panels

CMP is Now Cutting Corners…

So your contractors don’t have to!

When your contractors begin installing metal panels, one of the first operations that must be accomplished is to hand-snip each corner to prepare for attachment at the ridge or eave. This is a time-consuming chore, but your best quality-conscious installers know that this important step will separate his quality from less professional competitors, who try to find every OTHER corner to cut.

Pre-notched panels save time and money

CMP is now offering an incredible time-and-money saver for the Series 1000 panels.

Note the pre-notched corners in the photos:

Below is an example of a pre-notched S-1000 Snap-Seam panel. Note the tab at the end of the leg at the top in the picture on the left. This tab is meant to close off the open seam left after installation, which results in a clean, professional finish.
S1000 notched (1)

The consistency of the finished product, along with the extraordinary savings of time in installation and cleanup, will set your customer apart from their less-professional competitors.

For the first order, we are offering this service to you at no charge. Samples are available; contact your rep or get in touch with our offices at 704-871-8704 to request yours.