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Series “R” Panel

The CMP “R” is a 36” coverage, exposed fastener panel that features bold 1-1/4″ high ribs on 12″ centers. Between the high ribs are two rows of low planks or “mesas”, added for structural strength and visual appeal. Include the optional purlin bearing flange and install the “R” panel directly over open framing (PBR Panel)….

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Series 5V

The 5V takes its name from the 5 inverted “V” grooves making up its profile. The 5V’s classic design and smooth lines make it a popular choice for residential and light commercial projects. The 5V is available in selected colors of 26 gauge with the 24” profile and a full range of Kynar® finishes in…

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Series Multi-Rib

The Multi-Rib, probably one of the most popular panels used for agricultural, steel buildings and residential applications. The Multi-Rib panel is a factory formed metal roof and wall panel that provides a trapezoidal panel style appearance. The Series Multi-Rib panel has shaped ¾” high ribs at 9″ o/c with two rows of low reveal-rib grooves…

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